the inner boy at 1 am

The glow of the city over the roof tops
A solitary street light shining down
The sound of random cars off in the distance
The rustle of leaves as the breeze blows through

It is 1AM and there is quiet
Except for the mind within
Thoughts rush by faster than light
The noise of the inner boy deafening

The day will soon be upon us
The world in full swing
New challenges face the outer man
While the inner boy claws to get out

To walk barefoot in the woods
To drink right from the bottle
To laugh at misspoken words
To be the boy on the outside

The world cannot see the boy within
Expects the outer man
Yet through those eyes he peers
In wonder at all around him

He returns to his home
Halting at the door
Leaving the man without
Entering as only the boy

To enjoy what he has
To find peace in his fort
To finally be free of the shell
To just be the little boy within

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