I don’t dally with drawing.  I’m a horrible artist.  I can’t take abstract visuals and create a picture.  Or a sculpture. It has never been my super power.  What I can do is evoke feeling, emotion, and opinions with words that frame the page in such a way that you visually and sensually can feel what I feel, see what I have seen, and understand that life is nothing if not doodling every single day.

As a life long diarist I have always written.  As a lover of the written word, I have consumed and continue to consume different writers of fiction, fact, thoughts, and emotions. This is my attempt to be public.  To share.  So I can say it is out there.

I do not make any claims to be great or wise in the words that I will write.  The way that I write them will not necessarily be original.  I do promise that they will come from me.  Sometimes every day, sometimes several on one day.  In a year though it will be a different site and I will be a different person.

Stick around for the adventure