lazy Saturday mornings

lazy Saturday mornings are for laying in bed
waking up after the sun is up and walking around with sleep in your eyes
fumbling in the bathroom to pee
legs spread, hand against the wall, leaning over the gaping hole and trying to force the morning erection to hit the toilet
then debating about going back to bed or venturing downstairs
grateful that there aren’t kids around today so clothes are optional
(though it’s cold outside so probably mandatory)
making coffee and enjoying the quiet but missing the morning faces of the kids off at their respective other parents sleeping in or sneaking downstairs to play video games or pilfer bacon

then you see your journal and know there’s work to be done for the day
tasks inside it’s covers that nag at you for a second
before you head back to bed so you can snuggle next to the love of your life a little longer before adulting for the day

Grandma’s Wisdom

“Wouldn’t kill you to just sit down and be still for a moment”
Grandma asked

Eyes blinked blankly from a 10 year old boy

I didnt know then
what she knew then
Sometimes its ok to rest from the constant motion


I’m still learning this 40 years later……

Íñigo Montoya

I listen to the words coming out of their mouths

My mind can only envision a daring swordsman uttering “I do not think that means what you think it means”

Notions sold by companies

Unfulfilled promises of speed, speed, speed

Again all I can think of is the the daring swordsman and his uttering

Funny to think it’s the swordsman that they all want to emulate

Nimble, quick to react, responsive to what blocks and parries his moves

Forward, then back, then forward again until


He delivers the blow to quell his opponent

Leaders want to show their killing it with innovation

Managers want happier employees

Employees want to do the work and not worry about the other stuff

A company or a swordsman is all the same, striving to be responsive

To be agile

Before it’s too late


hunger gnaws at me from inside

it crawls up

slithering around my spine

wrapping around my mind

talons digging in

every sense alert

self control or maybe self resignation, I can’t tell right now, prevents me from giving in to the want to eat everything

the smell of the cookies from across the room

the sounds of chewing from the kitchen

…..a carrot snaps between the molars

……….soup being slurped

……………crumbs on your shirt call to me

and the claws of my hunger dig deeper

water is an empty substitute

it is all I have

it is all I can take

doing something

doing something
what was it?
why was I doing it?
it’s not on my list
though something tells me I should figure it out and finish it before my wife figures out I’m not doing something and reminds me to be doing that something……

I could just ask her
there will be a funny look
and sarcasm
a joke about the mind going
I tell her the squirrels are lose in my head and I can’t remember what I was just doing but know we need to finish it up before calling it a night……

There is the look
and the joke
then the smile
that says everything
that she’ll always be here to remind me even when I’m really old and senile and forget why I started anything……

though she couldn’t remember what I was doing either…..